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Event Theme Colours

Planning an event theme can sometimes feel daunting. Where do you start? What mood or vibe are you hoping to create? Will it be fun and vibrant or warm and romantic? Colours and lighting play a major role in the staging process. It is also important to take into consideration the interior of the venue or space provided. Some venues may require a complete makeover with wall and ceiling draping to build a blank canvas to work with. Remember this when choosing your event space as it can be quite costly.

Colour palettes -My favorite of all time, Black & Ivory. Timeless and classical. Just like Chanel!!

It’s a stylish combination which has been a continuous trend throughout history. This pair works effortlessly together while also offering an array of possibilities to merge with other inspiring colours.

When it comes to deciding on a theme colour for your event, try to keep within a 3 story palette. For example, Black, Ivory and Pink. You can soften the overall look by incorporating different shades of these colours. Use black and charcoal, white and ivory, dusty pink and blush pink. Remember to factor in your linen, flowers, suits, dresses, lighting and stationery.

As a designer, I like to use the 60-30-10 rule. This means 60% is your dominant colour, 30% is your secondary colour and 10% are your accent pieces. This will always give you an aesthetically perfect balance to the overall finished look.

Consider some wall wash lighting to set the mood and really give that 'WOW' factor when your guests meet the entrance. Its cost effective and will transform the entire room.

Happy planning!

-Tijan Cemal

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